~By Rose & Hope McCallum

A sweet story & picture book, of  how one little girl overcame bullying.


How 'The Watermelon Shield' book came to be!

When our daughter Hope, was six years old & in Grade one- she encountered bullying by other children at school.  

Hope didn't understand why this was happening, and started to feel that something was wrong with her. 

She was scared, and didn't want to go to school anymore.  

Her mom was worried, and tried to give Hope ideas on how to cope at school.

These suggestions didn't work for Hope, and she became very discouraged.

One morning, while making Hope's lunch, her mom thought of a great idea- a visual tool that Hope could use to help her cope.   Hope's mom shared the idea of using an imaginary 'Watermelon Shield' to protect herself, letting those unkind words and actions bounce off of her shield, and go right back to the bully.

Her mom also wanted her to understand that those unkind words and actions are a reflection of how the bully feels inside- they had nothing to do with her!

Since visual learning is one of the top ways children grasp new ideas, her mom felt this would be a great way for Hope to use an image to help her establish boundaries.  

She shared her idea, and Hope immediately understood!  

She was very excited about using 'The Watermelon Shield' at school!  

Sure enough, it worked wonders! She let the unkind words and actions bounce off of her shield, and go back to the bully! 

And most importantly, she returned to the confident and happy child she was before!

Two years later, in the summer of 2014, when Hope was 8 years old, she asked her mom if they could make and write a book about 'The Watermelon Shield'.

Hope wanted to help others develop an understanding of, and overcome bullying. 

Let's give the bully back their unkind words and actions- and remember those negative things belong to them!

Keep on being your AWESOME and AMAZING Self!


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Above-our pictures coming to life!

We have great news! 

We now have a book reading of 'The Watermelon Shield' on YouTube...click the link below to listen!!