We want you to be a CHANGEMAKER!!

We believe that there is a way we can make a positive impact on reducing & preventing 'Bullying'.

First and foremost, anyone who is bullied

definitely needs support, and upstanders' on their

side to overcome mistreatment. 

Be an 'Upstander'!

BUT...how do we really make an impact to STOP bullying from happening?

1. Those who bully need to be accountable for their behaviour!

We believe that accountability for ones' words and actions is the first step. The only way change will happen, is when accountability is put in place, and there are consequences aimed to teach.

2. Let's educate everyone, that bullying is a sign of insecurity & unhappiness.

We feel that if everyone understood & became aware of the fact that those who are unkind to others carry unhappiness & insecurity within their own hearts- this understanding could be one of the biggest catalysts of change. Helpful for those being targeted by bullying behaviours, and those who are expressing bullying behaviours.

3. We believe that everyone has the ability to be a kind, and loving person!

We think the idea of developing 'Compassion Clubs' in schools and in the community would be a great way to address what seems to be an epidemic of bullying in society. 

Our idea of 'Compassion Clubs' would first involve implementing a formative consequence for the bully and their behaviour- (perhaps watching a video on the effects of bullying that sparks compassion/empathy, completing random acts of kindness for others & determining how it made them feel completing these tasks, have a conversation with an adult who experienced bullying as a child and how it impacted them).  This consequence would occur to address the bullying behaviour, within the organization or context of where the behaviour occured- by the staff, parents, or community members involved. 

Once the consequence had been implemented & completed, the child who bullied would attend a 'Compassion Club'  in your setting, which would include a series of sessions aimed at educating on the topics of kindness, empathy, compassion, nurturance, and support.  These would be run by an educator, trained adult, along with other students who are 'compassion volunteer upstanders', in your school and community.  The goal of 'Compassion Clubs', would be to help children with bullying characteristics- develop the essential positive life skills under the compassion umbrella, that may help them become more loving & accepting of everyone- including themselves.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on our ideas, or about our book!

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PLEASE BE THE CHANGEMAKER in your school, community and at home! 

  • Treat others the same way you want to be treated! 

  • Think about what you are going to say- before you say it! 

  • Become 'Self-Aware'!

  • Always use a loving, and supportive tone in your voice.

  • Only build others up, NEVER down!

  • Say and do things out of Love & Kindness!

  • If you don't have something good to say- then please keep quiet.

  • Inspire 'GOOD'  in your school & community, by starting initiatives to include EVERYONE!

  • Be a 'Changemaker' role model everywhere you go!